BRICK trading symbol is an experiment in using Counterparty to:

1 unit of BRICK will be redeemable as a credit toward purchase of the Brick open source hardware. Final market price will be determined by initial production volume, how many people order, and what sort of advances in open-source software for silicon are released by efabless. This product will be available when the design is ready, and at least one silicon fab has agreed to build it for us. If you want it sooner, get coding or buy more BRICK so I can afford to code more.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a currency, security, or any other sort of money transmission instrument or regulated commodities trade. If you buy BRICK, you are buying a pre-order coupon(s) exchangeable for a product specification to be determined at a later date. The transaction is only considered final once the US dollars for selling bitcoin actually end up in a 7 elements LLC bank account. If you transfer ownership of your coupon to someone else, I will need to know BOTH of your shipping addresses for the exchange offer to be valid. 7 Elements LLC will not be responsible for lost or stolen passphrases, bitcoin wallets, counterparty tokens, or any other technical problems. Any disputes will be settled via mediation in Minneapolis, MN, or Manly, Iowa. Shipping, local taxes, and export fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

This is a best effort *experiment*. Expect that *something* will go wrong, and I will make my best effort to fix what I can.

Risks and Challenges