SPO: Solar Panel Offering

APEX module data sheet

7 Elements has an opportunity to acquire over a megawatt of solar panels for less than 400 KiloBucks. To finance this, we are making an SPO (Solar Panel Offering, good until July 25, 11:59pm), for crypto-users to exchange 1 Bitcoin for a coupon to be redeemable for 1 pallet of 31 'Apex' 500W solar panels.

You may also pre-order on the 7 Elements web store

Shipping is NOT included, and will be determined later, and might cost more than the panels.

The offering is capped at 80 pallets (80 BTC), and the initiall offering price of 1 BTC per pallet is only good until July 25, 11:59pm Minneapolis local time.

if you REALLY REALLY know what you are doing with bitcoin, first fill in a pre-order with a note of the bitcoin address you are sending from, and then send exactly 1 (one) BTC to address 19rWSe8LYXnstf1UAJJ9aAztxy3Cy34WnE ('the offering address'), and if we have sufficient funds, you will be able to get a pallet of panels (15.5KW worth) on an AS-IS, no warrantee basis. You may opt to get individual panels with a warrantee once we get the panels and are able to work out insurance, shipping, and handling costs. If this does not work out, BTC will be refunded to the address from which it was sent.

See shasums.txt for sha256-hash checksums of all versions of this offering document.

CHECK THE HASH against the blockchain. Instructions on how to do this will be forthcoming soon.

Stretch goal: If there is more bitcoin, or bitcoin price goes crazy, we will attempt to hire all the former engineers and craftspeople who built these panels and restart production for panels designed to supply off-grid power to your bitcoin miners.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a currency, security, or any other sort of money transmission instrument or regulated commodities trade. This is an excercise in Cryptocoin software quality assurance and testing which can ONLY be accomplished by using real-live tradeable digital tokens that may be mistaken to actually have real value.

The program (responsible for the offering address mentioned above, Catoshi) is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

The transaction is only considered final once the US dollars for selling bitcoin actually end up in a 7 elements LLC bank account. If you transfer ownership of your coupon to someone else, I will need to know BOTH of your shipping addresses for the exchange offer to be valid. 7 Elements LLC will not be responsible for lost or stolen passphrases, bitcoin wallets, counterparty tokens, or any other technical problems. Any disputes will be settled via mediation in Minneapolis, MN, or Manly, Iowa. Shipping, local taxes, and export fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

This is a best effort *experiment*. Expect that *something* will go wrong, and I will make my best effort to fix what I can.

Risks and Challenges