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Thanks !

by whygee, version : 2012-11-08

Thank you !


The YASEP, like any technology, does not exist by and for itself but as a continuous interaction with many people. Thanks to everybody for paying attention and providing some help, in a way or another ! I certainly forget a lot of people but here are some...


The YASEP appeared in 2002 as a crazy but fun idea to make a Very Simple Processor on the back of an envelope. Christophe Avoinne gave the earliest advices and Jürgen Göritz added some feedback as it was still a secret hobby.

Then later, Laura wanted to use the YASEP for her ours-agile (that's how it gained 16-bitness). Slowly the project gained momentum. As more people, young and old, discover it and would like to use it, it gives me even more motivation !


YGWM started in february 2009 and benefited from feedback from Laura, Milhouse and Stéphane Moriaux among others.

YGWM won a 2nd ex-aequo rank at the Open World Forum Code Contest in september 2011. What looked like a gadget was recognised as a serious tool (which it is). And that's how I met khorben. is hosted by Laura's server.

I do the english and french versions. Kris Jordan has provided the first spanish translations.

Many illustrations are drawn on a vintage Compaq Concerto and reworked with the GIMP. Text is edited with GNU Nano, all running GNU/Linux. Thanks to Richard and Linus, the trollific duo :-)


There are some nice VHDL tools but Tristan Gingold's GHDL is pure awesomeness. Which wouldn't exist without GNAT and GCC under Linux, of course. And it is easily extended.

FPGA and hardware

High five to Jeff Crispino, Antti Kutas, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo, Sergio Tanzilli, Lionel Sainte Cluque...


He certainly has no involvement in any way in the YASEP but Denis Bodor, and by extension Diamond Editions made it possible, in their own way. I'll never thank them enough!

Thanks to René Mages as well :-)

Did I forget anyone ? Contact me !